What To Do With Old Broken Motherboards: 5 Creative & Eco-Friendly Ideas!

  Looking for ways to recycle your old, broken motherboards? Check out these 5 creative and eco-friendly ideas on how to reuse them in fun and innovative ways!

What Can You Do With Your Old broken motherboards?



Upcycle It!

Upcycling old electronics is a great way to reduce waste and create something beautiful out of something broken.

With an old motherboard, you can get creative with paint or decoupage and make it into a unique piece of art.

You could even use it as the base for a clock – just attach some hands to the back and voila, you’ve got yourself an interesting new timepiece!

Alternatively, if you’re tech-savvy enough, you could try taking apart the motherboard and using pieces of it to build your own computer keyboard or even a mini PC – all while giving Mother Nature some much needed TLC!


Sell It For Parts

If upcycling isn’t your thing then why not try selling your damaged motherboard? There are plenty of websites that buy broken electronic components so this would be a great option for those looking to make some quick cash.

All you need to do is find one that accepts motherboards in whatever condition yours might be in and start making money from what was once trash.

Just remember: before selling any component online always check the current market prices first so that you don’t end up underselling yourself or getting ripped off by unscrupulous buyers!


Recycle It Responsibly

When disposing of any kind of electronic item – especially motherboards – ensure that they are disposed responsibly at designated recycling centers that will take them off your hands without causing harm to our environment.

Recycling centers exist specifically for such purposes; most towns have their own local center where residents can drop off all kinds of e-waste including motherboards free of charge (just remember to check opening times beforehand).

Alternatively, many retailers also offer trade-in deals on certain items which allow customers receive discounts when trading in their used electronics instead throwing them away carelessly…so keep an eye out for these too!


Donate To Charities & Schools

Finally, if none of these options appeal then why not donate your old motherboard (or other e-waste) directly to charities or schools who may be able use parts from them for educational purposes? This is especially helpful if there are no local recycling centers near you.


Many non-profit organizations accept donations like this on behalf regular basis – they usually list exactly which types items they require on their website – so just double check before sending anything through post office/courier services etc.


Plus donating has numerous benefits; not only does help support good causes but also reduces risk hazardous materials entering landfill sites unnecessarily.



so win-win situation really

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