How To Re-Purpose Old Broken Toys: 5 Creative Ideas For Fun Upcycling

  Transform your broken toys into something new and fun with these 5 creative upcycling projects! Learn how to re-purpose old toys and give them a new life with easy step-by-step instructions. Get inspired to create unique items while having fun, doing good for the environment, and giving your home character.

What Can You Do With Your Old broken toys?



Beautiful, creative and fun – a few words that come to mind when upcycling old toys.

Re-purposing broken toys is an excellent way to make the most out of what some may consider rubbish! Not only can you save money by giving your items new life, but it’s also great for the environment.

It’s no wonder why so many people are turning to this form of DIY crafting as an outlet for their creativity and resourcefulness.

In this article we will explore five ideas on how to turn those old broken toys into something useful and exciting.


Customized Toy Boxes

A great way to transform your broken toy collection into something truly unique is by making customized toy boxes! You can use any type of box or container you have at home like cardboard boxes, plastic containers or even wooden crates if you’re feeling adventurous enough! All you need then is some glue, paint and other craft supplies such as buttons, sequins or ribbons – whatever tickles your fancy really! Once everything has been glued together according to your design it’s time for painting: choose bright colours or go with a more pastel palette depending on what look appeals most too you.


Dollhouse Decorations

If dolls are one of the broken toys lying around in your house then rejoice because they can be given new life in the form of dollhouse decorations! If there are pieces missing from the original dolls such as limbs then don’t worry – just get creative with fabric scraps and string to build replacements; all sorts of unexpected materials can be used here which makes it all very exciting indeed.

And when it comes down to decorating these newly formed dolls inside mini-houses? Well let’s just say that here every detail counts – whether its miniature furniture crafted from popsicle sticks or tiny flowerpots made from paper cups these creations require nothing less than sheer imagination.

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Wind Chimes

Wind chimes made from recycled objects have become quite trendy lately mainly due do their attractive sound once hung outdoors (or indoors).

But did you know that wind chimes could easily be created using parts from broken toys? Pick out pieces such as small figurines or wheels and hang them onto strings along with beads; metal elements work best since they produce a higher pitch sound however if only plastic parts are available don’t worry about it either – simply add more larger pieces instead.

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Wall Artwork

Crafting artwork out off found objects is an extremely versatile activity since practically anything goes in terms off material selection ; think beyond conventional art tools such as brushes , canvases etc .


Start picking apart each individual component off former playthings while keeping an eye open towards potential combinations between various elements : perhaps two figures combined together create a particularly interesting shape ? Or maybe three heads arranged side by side result in what looks like abstract sculpture ? There ‘ s always room fir experimentation ! Once everything has been put into place , seal them down using glue before framing them up nicely against white backgrounds — et voilà ! Your wall art masterpiece awaits !

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