What To Do With Old Broken Watches: Creative Ideas To Recycle & Reuse

  Discover unique ways to upcycle old broken watches. From crafting a wind chime to turning them into jewelry, we have creative ideas on how to recycle and reuse your unwanted timepieces.

What Can You Do With Your Old broken watches?



Have you ever looked at an old broken watch and wondered what to do with it?
It’s a common conundrum.

You don’t want to throw away such a gorgeous piece of technology, but it no longer tells the time.

Don’t despair – there are many creative ways to recycle and reuse your unwanted timepieces! From crafting a wind chime to turning them into jewelry, discover how you can upcycle your old watches in this post.

Turn Your Watch Into A Windchime

A unique way of reusing an old broken watch is by creating a beautiful windchime from its parts.

All you need is some fishing line or twine, beads or other items for decoration (like shells or stones) and the watch components themselves.

Start by cutting pieces of fishing line that are slightly longer than the length between each component when laid out on your working surface.

Tie one end of each piece around each part and hang them at different lengths so they tinkle against each other as the wind blows through them.

Decorate with beads or shells, using knots along the lines if needed.

You now have a beautiful musical instrument made from vintage parts! Hang it outdoors – preferably in direct sunlight – where everyone can hear its sweet melody while admiring your creativity

Make Jewelry Out Of Old Time Pieces

Jewelry is another great way to repurpose broken watches – either for yourself or as gifts for friends and family members .

Either use just one component like an old pocket-watch case filled with charms, intricate details and jewels or create something bolder out of multiple parts.

If you’re feeling extra crafty , try combining colorful straps with matching dial faces .

To make things even more interesting why not add bezels , crowns , crystals , chains — whatever catches your eye ! The possibilities are endless .

Sell Parts And Components Online

Although we think these methods should be employed first before selling off any components online , sometimes our creativity doesn ‘t always produce satisfactory results .

If this happens then you might want consider reselling parts instead – such as straps bracelets clasps etc – on websites like eBay Amazon Etsy etc .


Try taking photos showcasing all relevant information about each item including age condition size materials brand name etc .


Advertise any particularly rare pieces properly too — highlighting their rarity could help attract buyers willing to pay higher prices !

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