5 Creative Ideas For What To Do With That Old Broken Microwave

  Discover 5 creative ideas for what to do with that old broken microwave. From making a planter to turning it into a terrarium, find out how you can upcycle your appliance and get the most out of it!

What Can You Do With Your Old broken microwave?


Use the Parts For Crafts

The first creative idea you can do with an old, broken microwave is to repurpose it for crafting projects.

You don’t need much technical know-how to make something out of the parts.

Simply unscrew and remove the back panel and set aside any usable components like knobs or switches that could be used in a creative project.

For instance, if you have some spare fabric lying around, why not transform those microwaves into art pieces? Glue magnets onto them so they can stick on your fridge door.

Or maybe use them as coasters! And if you’re feeling extra crafty, take apart all those wires and buttons from within the microwave and turn it into jewelry or even a mobile for your baby’s room.

Turn It Into An Aquarium

If crafts aren’t really your thing, then consider turning that old busted up microwave into an aquarium! This one will require more effort than just taking apart its parts but still relatively easy enough to do without help from experts.

First step is to measure how big or small your desired fish tank would be – this will depend entirely on what size of a microwave you have available.

Next step is create openings at the top where water can enter and exit the tank; these should be located near where air vents are usually placed in microwaves.

Finally, fill it up with sand, rock formations (if desired) add plants before finally filling it up with water and adding some fish species inside!

Transform It Into A Planter Box

Another great way to reuse an old broken down microwave is by transforming it into a planter box! As long as there are no exposed wires or cables hanging around inside – which may pose danger when bringing soil in contact with electricity – then this simple task shouldn’t prove too difficult.

Start off by removing everything inside such as plastic trays/plates etc.

, followed by cleaning out all dirt particles stuck inside using warm soapy water.

Afterward dry out completely before cutting holes at each side of the base – these should provide proper ventilation for roots – plus two additional ones at either end of top plate (for drainage).

Now simply fill whatever remaining space left behind with potting soil before adding chosen plants upstairs!

Recycle Its Materials

The last suggestion we’ll give here is recycling its materials rather than trying anything fancy: metals like iron & steel present in most microwaves are 100% recyclable meaning sending them over to local recycle centers won’t cost us anything money wise .

All we need do beforehand however is separate metal components from plastics ones through disassembling process which doesn’t take longer than hour given right tools being applied correctly.

Note also that majority recycling centers pay money for electronic devices sent their direction depending upon condition & weight thereof; hence providing incentive go beyond mere environmental responsibility thereby making whole process quite profitable indeed…

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