7 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Old Broken Laptop


Are you looking for ways to give your old broken laptop a second life? Look no further! Learn 7 creative and innovative ideas on how to reuse your laptop, from turning it into an aquarium to creating a mini home server.

What Can You Do With Your Old broken laptop?



We all have that old laptop, sitting in a corner and gathering dust.

It’s broken, but you don’t want to just throw it away – after all, it still has plenty of tech potential! In this blog post we’ll explore 7 creative ways to reuse your old broken laptop.

Maybe you can give your trusty companion a second chance at life with one of these ideas.

Turn Your Laptop Into A Fish Tank

Do you like fish? Why not turn your old laptop into an aquarium! All you need is some water-proof sealant (available online or at any hardware store) and the right materials such as plastic tanks, air pumps and filters.

Once these materials are installed inside the laptop shell, fill it up with water and add some colorful fish for a unique touch.

You might also consider adding decorations such as coral rocks or plants to complete the look.

This could be a great way to liven up any room in your home while giving new purpose to an otherwise useless item.

Create A Home Server

If you’re tech-savvy then why not use that same broken laptop as a mini home server? With enough RAM and storage space (check if yours meets the requirements), setting up a private server won’t take long – plus there are lots of tutorials available online on how to do this easily.

You can use this setup for hosting websites or running games amongst other things.

This will bring out the full potential of your device even though it isn’t working properly anymore – so get those skills ready! Keep in mind that power consumption may be higher due to high load tasks being carried out by the server so make sure everything runs smoothly before leaving it unattended for extended periods of time.

Donate To Charity Or Sell It For Parts

If neither option above works for you then why not donate or sell your defective machine instead? There are plenty of charities who accept donations from individuals looking to help others with their unwanted electronics items – these usually go towards helping children without access to technology gain valuable experience with computers and other peripherals.



Selling parts from laptops is another viable option; although prices vary depending on what components are useful inside them, anything from batteries down to screws can be sold separately – including keyboards which often fetch good returns when listed correctly on sites like eBay .

Just make sure that whatever parts remain once disassembled should be disposed off responsibly afterwards .

Craft Something Useful Out Of Its Components

Doing something crafty out of those metal bits left over after donating/selling its components sounds like fun , doesn ‘ t it ? You can create wall art pieces , clocks , lamps etc., using different kinds of discarded computer items such as screens , motherboards etc.

Allowing yourself time spent tinkering around with these objects will eventually lead towards creating something visually appealing yet functional !

If none of these suggestions seem suitable then try checking local thrift stores where they might accept donations as well ; sometimes they may even pay money back if certain items meet their criteria.

So there really is no excuse when considering what else could become possible through reusing old laptops.

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