7 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Broken Headphones And Give Them A Second Life

  Bring your old, broken headphones back to life with these 7 creative ways to reuse them! From making a colourful macrame wall hanging to creating custom earrings and jewelry, there are plenty of ideas for giving your headphones a second chance.

What Can You Do With Your Old broken headphones?



Create Custom Earrings or Jewelry

Do you have an old set of broken headphones lying around? Give them a new life by turning them into stylish custom earrings and jewelry! You can easily convert the headphone wires into dangly earring pieces, which will look great when paired with any outfit.

To make a statement necklace, simply tie several strands of headphone wire together and add some colourful beads for extra flare.

With just a few simple steps, you can turn your broken headphones into unique fashion accessories.


Make A Colourful Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame is all the rage right now! And did you know that it’s possible to use old broken headphones to create stunning macrame wall hangings? All you need are some colourful cords and basic macrame knots, then start weaving away! The result is sure to be eye-catching – perfect for adding texture and vibrancy to any room in your house.


Use Them For Craft Projects

Broken headphones can also be used as supplies for craft projects such as mobiles, dream catchers, ornaments and more! Get creative with different colours of cordage and ribbon pieces from the headset wires – transform them into fun decorations for parties or gifts for friends.

It’s amazing what you can do with just a few materials from an old pair of headphones.


Sell Your Broken Headphones Online

Believe it or not, there’s actually money to be made off selling old tech items like broken headsets online! Companies like Amazon offer trade-in services where they purchase used gadgets at discounted prices – so if you have an unused pair of broken cans laying around collecting dust in your home office why not put them up on sale? You might even get enough cash back from the sale that could help offset costs towards purchasing new ones later down the line.

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