What To Do With Old Broken Cell Phones: Recycle, Reuse or Donate?

  Discover the best ways to help save our planet by learning how to recycle, reuse or donate your old broken cell phones. Get creative and find out how you can give back while helping protect the environment!

What Can You Do With Your Old broken cell phones?



We all know the feeling; you drop your phone one too many times, and it’s broken beyond repair.

What do you do with it? It can be hard to find a solution that works for both you and our planet, but recycling, reusing or donating your old cell phones doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are some tips on how to keep things green while helping out others too.

Recycle Your Old Cell Phones

Recycling is the most sustainable way of getting rid of an old broken cell phone.

By taking them apart and processing their component parts, valuable materials such as copper, gold and rare earth elements can be extracted from them – resources which would otherwise go unused if we chose landfill disposal instead.

There are also companies that specialize in electronics recycling who offer collection services at convenient locations near you.

One popular option is Eco-Cell; they not only dismantle phones safely in their facility located in Louisville KY, they also raise money through donations when people recycle their devices with them.

* So not only will you help protect the environment by keeping dangerous toxins out of landfills but also contribute to worthwhile causes when doing so!*

Reuse Or Repurpose Your Old Cell Phone

If recycling isn’t an option for whatever reason then don’t worry — there are still other ways to give life back into these dead devices! Consider repurposing your device as something else entirely like creating a digital photo frame or using it as a remote control for home entertainment systems.

You could even turn it into a security camera (with proper software installed) so now any room has eyes on watch.

The possibilities are truly endless here depending on what kind of skills you have available.

Even if none of those ideas work for you then simply use the phone’s parts in another project — maybe build yourself a car outfitted with digital gauges powered by its LCD display screen? Well why not get creative and see just how far this little piece of technology can take us!

Donate To Charities That Accept Old Cellphones

Donating is always an excellent choice because afterall somebody may need your old device more than anyone else does! Several organizations accept donated mobile phones including Wireless Alliance who refurbish donated handsets before sending them off overseas where they can make someone’s life easier than ever before.

* Both working and nonworking units accepted so no matter what condition yours is currently in feel free to send theirs away knowing that its going somewhere important.

* Another great charity called HopeLine helps domestic violence victims stay connected via donation programs incorporating upcycled tech items gifted from generous individuals*.

This means every time somebody decides donate their unwanted gadgets makes sure these vulnerable communities still remain connected during hard times despite limited resources available at hand.



So next time try giving back rather than throwing away -who knows what kind difference this gesture might end up making down the line?!

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