The Ultimate Guide To Repurposing An Old iPad With A Broken Screen

  Discover how to repurpose an old iPad with a broken screen and give it new life! This ultimate guide will show you how to turn your broken device into a functional home assistant, media center, or even a digital photo frame.

What Can You Do With Your Old ipad broken screen?


The Ultimate Guide To Repurposing An Old iPad With A Broken Screen

Introduction: iPads are an amazing and useful device, but sometimes our beloved tech gets damaged or broken.

If you’re wondering what to do with a cracked, old iPad that no longer works, this ultimate guide is here to show you how to repurpose it and give it new life! Read on for tips on using your broken tablet as a digital photo frame, home assistant or media center.

Turn Your Tablet Into A Digital Photo Frame

If the only problem with your tablet is its cracked screen, you can still use it around the house as a digital photo frame! All you need is one of many apps available online.

Simply download the app onto your device then upload all of your favorite photos into the app’s library.

It will automatically cycle through them in an endless loop so that everyone can enjoy them from anywhere in the room.

Make It Into A Home Assistant

Thanks to recent advances in technology, there are now plenty of ways for us to turn our tablets into helpful home assistants – even those with damaged screens! For example, if you have Alexa installed on your old tablet (or other voice-controlled assistant), it can provide information such as weather forecasts or recipes just by saying simple commands like “Alexa what’s today’s forecast?” You could also assign certain tasks such as playing music at specific times during the day.

Transform It Into A Media Center

If movies and TV shows are more up your alley than voice-activated helpers then why not transform your broken iPad into a powerful media center? By connecting some external speakers (or headphones) via Bluetooth or another medium connection type – audio playback becomes a breeze without any distractions from its cracked display.

Additionally most streaming services allow their users access content directly from their mobile devices meaning they won’t need any additional cables either.

Give It Away Or Sell It For Parts Finally if none of these solutions work for you then don’t worry – there’s still hope for giving away/selling off parts from an old iPad with a crack screen.

Many people buy used items because they need specific components such as memory chips or cameras which may be intact despite physical damage caused due to wear & tear over time.

This means instead of discarding it altogether there may be someone out there looking specifically for something that yours has left behind – so make sure to check classified ads before throwing away an otherwise perfectly good piece of tech equipment!

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