What To Do With An Old Broken LED TV: 5 Creative Solutions To Consider

Don’t throw out that old broken LED TV! Here are 5 creative solutions to consider when deciding what to do with it.

Find helpful tips on how to repurpose your broken television for home décor, DIY projects and more.

What Can You Do With Your Old Broken Led TV?

If you’ve got an old broken LED TV, don’t despair! Believe it or not, there are actually a few creative and productive things that you can do with it.

Instead of simply throwing away your tech relic, take some time to consider the possibilities of repurposing this device into something useful.

Here are 5 clever ideas on how to repurpose your broken television for home décor, DIY projects and more.

1.Upcycle It Into A Fish Tank

Transforming an old LED TV into an aquarium is one of the most popular ways to repurpose these devices.

This project requires a bit more effort than the others because you have to create space inside the television display for water-tight seals and pipes as well as line it with protective glass or acrylic sheets before adding any aquatic life or water.

The only other supplies needed will be gravel, plants (optional), rocks/decorations (optional) and pump/filter system depending on what type of fish tank you want.

For those who aren’t familiar with building tanks from scratch, plenty of tutorials online exist that provide detailed instructions on how to set up your own DIY fish tank using recycled materials such as a used LED TV.

2.Turn It Into Wall Art

Another fun way to reuse your defunct electronics is by turning them into wall art pieces! All you need is a few paint brushes and different colors of acrylic paint in order transform that once obsolete appliance into something visually appealing – like abstract shapes or pop culture symbols – then hang it up in whatever room needs some sprucing up.

3. Recycle The Parts For Future Projects

This recycling idea may require taking apart parts from within the television itself however doing so could potentially yield some valuable components down the road if someone ever wants to build their own electronic gadgets at home without having purchase expensive new parts.

Start by removing circuit boards out from behind screens which contain tiny chipsets made out copper wiring along with capacitors capable storing energy while also allowing current flow through wires; remove power supplies too since they’ll hold main source electricity powering entire screen’s functionality lastly pull off metal casing protect delicate internal components during transit between factories final destination customers homes.

4. Sell It To An Electronics Store Or Online Marketplace

If all else fails selling LED TV broken working condition might be best option get rid item good money back pocket Knowing exactly where sell electronics can tricky but luckily there several places marketplaces both brick mortar stores digital platforms available depending upon location availability services offered .

Some company sites even specialize vintage equipment refurbished products offer buyers competitive prices items purchased .

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