What To Do With Old Broken Computers: 6 Creative Ways To Repurpose Them

  Are you wondering what to do with your old, broken computer? Look no further! This article explores 6 creative ways to repurpose them. From turning them into planters and art pieces to donating them for parts reuse – find out how you can give new life to your old computers.

What Can You Do With Your Old broken computers?



Old, broken computers can seem like an eyesore and a hassle – but with the right attitude, they can be transformed into something fun and creative.

From planters to art pieces, or even donating them for parts reuse – there are many ways to repurpose your old computers.

This article explores 6 creative ways of giving new life to your old broken computer.

Turn Your Computer Into A Planter

With a bit of creativity, you can use your old computer as an interesting planter! First, make sure that you remove all electronic components from the case so that no water seeps in and damages it over time.

Then fill up the empty space with soil and plant some succulents inside! You can even paint the computer casing any color you want to match the rest of your decor – making this project both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Create An Art Piece Out Of It

If you’re feeling crafty and have some extra time on hand – why not create an art piece out of your broken computer? You could paste pictures onto it or paint it in bright colors; anything goes really! It is also possible to extract certain parts from inside such as wires or circuit boards which could be used for interesting abstract sculptures.

This will ensure that none of its usable components go wasted while also creating something unique that is sure to draw compliments from visitors!


Donate Them For Parts Reuse

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