What To Do With An Old Broken Washing Machine: 5 Creative Ideas To Reuse It

  Are you wondering what to do with an old broken washing machine? Look no further! Here are 5 creative ideas to upcycle and reuse your appliance in a variety of ways. From transforming it into a planter or vertical garden to repurposing it as unique furniture, find out how you can transform your old washer into something new.

What Can You Do With Your Old broken washing machine?



When our washing machine suddenly stops working, it can be a huge inconvenience.

But instead of throwing out the old broken one, why not think of creative ways to reuse it? In this blog post we’ll explore five ideas for what you can do with an old broken washing machine that will save you money and help the environment.

Read on to discover some unique ideas that could help turn your broken appliance into something useful – from furniture pieces to garden decorations, there’s plenty of possibilities!

Turn It Into A Unique Piece Of Furniture

If you have any DIY skills then transforming an old washing machine into a unique piece of furniture is definitely something worth considering.

Whether it’s repurposing the drum as a coffee table or making shelves out of its panels, there are lots of options available.

You don’t even need to buy expensive materials – just use whatever supplies and paint colors you already have at home (or head down to your local hardware store).

With a bit of creativity and imagination, your broken appliance could soon become the talking point in any room!

Create An Outdoor Planter Or Garden Feature

Another great way to make use of an old washing machine is creating planters or garden features for your outdoor space.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to tools like welding machines then crafting hanging baskets or bird baths outta the metal body would be relatively easy.

Alternatively if gardening isn’t really your thing then don’t worry – simply using part of the washer as a large flower pot is still going to look fantastic in whatever size yard or allotment plot you may have!

Upcycle Its Parts To Make Other Useful Items

If taking apart larger parts such as motors or control boards seems too daunting then consider upcycling small components such as knobs and handles instead.

These smaller items can easily be taken off with minimal effort but also offer lots potential when used creatively.


They could become coat hooks in hallways; door handles for cabinets; even earrings if jewelry-making is more up your street – so get imaginative when finding new uses for these tiny yet versatile parts!

Donate The Washing Machine For Reuse Or Recycling

Another option open to those looking at what they can do with their old washer is donating it either for reuse by someone else who needs one – perhaps through charity shops or online classified sites – or recycling purposes where possible.


Not only will this prevent waste ending up in landfill sites but also gives somebody else needing one an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise had without spending extra cash themselves.


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