5 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Old Broken Apple Watch

  Discover innovative and eco-friendly ways to give your old broken Apple Watch a second life! Learn how you can repurpose your device with our top 5 creative ideas.

What Can You Do With Your Old broken apple watch?


5 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Old Broken Apple Watch

Introduction: Say goodbye to your old, broken Apple Watch and give it a second life with our top 5 creative ideas! We’ll show you how you can recycle or repurpose your device and put it to good use.

Read on for the most innovative ways to save money by reusing what you already have.


Donate It

Donating an old, broken device is one of the best ways to tackle e-waste while helping those in need! You can donate your old watch directly to charities that specialize in tech donations such as Goodwill or Digital Divide Data, who will either repair and reuse it or disassemble and recycle its parts responsibly.

By donating, not only are you saving yourself some cash but also doing a great service for society—so don’t hesitate any longer! If however you’re looking for something more direct from person-to-person then check out websites like ‘Give Back Box’ which allows individuals from all over the world send their used electronics straight into the hands of people who need them most.


Recycle It

Recycling is another eco-friendly way of disposing of your old tech devices safely; many manufacturers even offer free recycling services these days so make sure to double check before getting rid of anything! For example Apple offers trade-in programs where customers are given credit if they return certain products including watches.

(If applicable).

Additionally there are other companies out there like Gazelle that provide similar services too.


Upcycle It

Upcycling is a great way of giving new purpose to existing objects – just think outside the box here! There are lots of creative projects online featuring upcycled watches with everything from planters made out computer keyboards and phone cases made from watch faces being posted daily across social media platforms such as Pinterest.


Get crafty with yours—you might be surprised at what treasures await!.


Sell It

Selling an item may seem intimidating at first but fear not–there’s plenty help available online when it comes reselling tech items this day in age thanks to sites like eBay & Craigslist etc.

, making things simpler than ever before.

Before offering up any product though do some research first on market value so that both parties involved are happy with outcome.



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