What To Do With An Old Broken iPhone: 5 Creative Ideas You’ll Love

  Unsure what to do with your old broken iPhone? Look no further! Here are 5 creative ideas you’ll love, from turning it into a security camera or charging dock to creating art. Get inspired and give your device a new life!

What Can You Do With Your Old broken iphone?



It’s the dilemma we all face at some point: what do you do with your old broken iPhone? Sure, it might not be working anymore, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be useful! If you’re looking for creative ways to repurpose your device or give it a new lease of life, look no further.

Here are five inspiring ideas that will get those creative juices flowing and turn an outdated piece of tech into something practical – or even beautiful.

Turn It Into A Security Camera

With a few apps and accessories, turning an old iPhone into a security camera is easy.

All you need is the right app and something like an iSight camera stand to mount your phone on the wall.

Once set up correctly, you’ll have a live video feed of whatever space you want to monitor in real-time; perfect for keeping an eye on kids while they play or pets while they nap inside.

You can even hook up motion-sensing cameras so that when movement is detected in the monitored area, your iPhone will alert you via text message or email.

Create An Audio Player

If music is more your thing than security monitoring then converting your old iPhone could also be used as part of home audio system setup – perfect for playing tunes during dinner parties or just relaxing after work hours with some background beats.

To use this idea simply sync up multiple iPhones together using AirPlay technology (or similar) then connect them to compatible speakers around the house for instant sound coverage wherever needed!

Make A Charging Dock

A charging dock turns any ordinary smartphone into a smart assistant which can do anything from remind us about upcoming meetings to show us real-time weather forecasts when asked – all without needing its own power supply! Simply take apart one side of the phone case and attach USB cables directly onto battery contacts within; this then allows electricity from any standard outlet socket nearby to charge up once connected securely back together again.


Repurpose As Artwork

Old phones don’t have to end their lives buried away in drawers forevermore – why not breathe new life into them by reworking them as art pieces instead? Whether framed behind glass alongside photos taken on other models before being completely disassembled again later down line – there really are endless possibilities here depending upon how much time (and patience!) one has got available too.


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