How Tiwa Savage Achieved Her Net Worth: An Inspiring Story Behind The Queen Of Afrobeats

  Tiwa Savage is one of Africa’s most successful female music stars, and she has achieved her incredible net worth through hard work and dedication. Read this inspiring story to learn more about how Tiwa Savage rose to the top in the Afrobeats scene and amassed her impressive fortune.

Tiwa Savage Net Worth in 2023



Tiwa Savage is one of Africa’s most successful female music stars, and her net worth serves as a testament to her hard work and dedication.

From humble beginnings, she has built an incredible career in the Afrobeats scene over the last decade.

In this article, we will explore how Tiwa Savage achieved her impressive fortune through determination and talent, inspiring us all with her story.

The Early Years

Tiwa Savage was born in Isale Eko, Lagos State on February 5th 1980.

She moved to London at age 11 where she studied at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music before moving back to Nigeria in 2006.

It was during this time that she began working for Don Jazzy’s record label Mavin Records which set off a chain of events that would eventually lead to her immense success.

Rise To Fame

In 2010 Tiwa released debut single ‘Kele Kele Love’ which shot up the Nigerian charts and firmly established Tiwa as a major player within the Afrobeats scene.

This song marked the beginning of what would become an incredibly successful career full of hit singles such as ‘Love Me’, ‘Eminado’ featuring Don Jazzy, ‘My Darlin’ featuring Wizkid and many more.

Total Assets

Today Tiwa enjoys several lucrative endorsement deals with brands like PepsiCo Inc.

, Maggi Nigeria Ltd.

, MTN Group Limited among others; these have undoubtedly contributed significantly towards building up her estimated $11 million net worth which includes real estate investments across both Africa & Europe.




Tiwas Savage’s journey from obscurity to stardom is truly inspirational; achieving such great heights requires courage and ambition but above all else it requires sheer talent – something Tiwas has buckets full of! Who knows what new heights Ms Savage will reach next?

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