Jamie Siminoff’s Net Worth: How The Ring Founder Built His Empire

  Jamie Siminoff is the founder of Ring, a home security and automation company. Learn how Jamie built his empire and what his estimated net worth is today! Discover how he turned an idea into a multi-million dollar business.

Jamie Siminoff Net Worth in 2023



Jamie Siminoff is the founder of Ring, a home security and automation company that has revolutionized the way people protect their homes.

Since its launch in 2013, it has become one of the most successful companies in its niche.

In 2018, Amazon acquired Ring for a whopping $1 billion dollars.

It was an incredible success story for Jamie and his team! But how did he get there? What is his estimated net worth today? Let’s take a look at Jamie Siminoff’s journey to building his empire and explore what his current net worth might be.

The Early Years: From Idea To Invention

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Jamie worked as an engineer and inventor with various tech companies throughout Silicon Valley.

He had always been passionate about creating new products that could change people’s lives for the better – so when he came up with the idea for Ring in 2011, he jumped into action immediately.

After months of hard work and dedication, he eventually launched Ring on Kickstarter in 2012.

Ring quickly became popular among consumers due to its ease-of-use and affordability compared to other home security solutions on the market.

As more customers began using Ring devices around their homes, sales started to skyrocket – which caught Amazon’s attention! In 2018 they made an offer that couldn’t be refused: A cool $1 billion dollar acquisition deal.

Building His Fortune With The Sale Of His Company

When Amazon purchased Ring from Jamie Siminoff they paid him a hefty sum of money – enough to make him one of America’s wealthiest entrepreneurs overnight! According to reports from Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Jamie sits comfortably atop approximately $650 million dollars (as of June 2020).

While this figure includes stock holdings from both before & after selling Ring – it still leaves no doubt as to why many consider him one of today’s greatest business minds.

Investing Wisely Into Other Ventures

In addition to receiving funds from the sale of his company – Jamie has also invested wisely into several other ventures over recent years.

One such venture is Neighborly Technologies Inc.

, where he serves as board director & investor along with well known figures like Ashton Kutcher & Guy Oseary (among others).

Although exact figures are unknown – reports have suggested that Neilson may have raised upwards of $50 million dollars through investments alone since 2017.

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