Find Out How Much Tanner Fox Is Worth: A Look At The YouTuber’s Net Worth

  Discover how much Tanner Fox, the renowned YouTuber, is worth. Learn more about his success and explore his net worth with this in-depth look at the social media star’s finances.

Tanner Fox Net Worth in 2023



Tanner Fox is one of the most recognizable names on YouTube.

With millions of subscribers, he has become an internet sensation and his videos have been viewed billions of times.

But how much is Tanner Fox worth? In this in-depth look at the YouTuber’s finances, we explore his net worth and discover what has made him such a success.

Early Life & Career Beginnings

Fox was born in San Diego in 1999 and grew up with two older brothers who were both into skateboarding; it wasn’t long before he followed suit.

He began making YouTube videos when he was just 11 years old as a way to document his experience as a young skater.

His channel quickly gained traction and he soon developed out from skateboarding into BMX riding, vlogging, pranks, product reviews, challenges and more – earning himself over 7 million subscribers along the way.

Achievements & Recognitions

In 2016 Fox released his own signature scooter line – FTS: Fox Team Signature – through District Scooters which sold out within 24 hours of going live on their website.

As well as being featured in various magazines such as Transworld Skateboarding Magazine for his skills on a board or bike, Fox also had the opportunity to ride alongside some other big names including Tony Hawk.

Net Worth Breakdown

> Fox’s estimated net worth is currently around $5 million dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth – largely due to income generated by sponsored posts across social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram (which can reportedly fetch upwards of $20k each).

The 21-year-old also earns money from merchandise sales under various brands that sponsor him but primarily under “Team Supertramp”.

Additionally, he often sells tickets for meetups with fans which are normally held at venues across America during summertime.

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