Patrick Bet-David’s Net Worth: How He Made His Fortune

  Learn how entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David built his estimated net worth of $50 million by creating innovative businesses and investing in lucrative opportunities. Get inspired to achieve your own financial success with his story.

Patrick Bet David Net Worth in 2023


Patrick Bet-David’s Early Career

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1977, Patrick Bet-David began his career as an entrepreneur and investor while living in the United States.

After graduating from college with a degree in finance and economics, he launched a series of businesses ranging from real estate development to investments.

He quickly recognized the potential for growth by investing in innovative technology companies such as Apple Inc.

, Microsoft and Google.

His skillful management enabled him to make significant profits quickly, allowing him to start building his estimated net worth of $50 million over time.

Philanthropic Work

Aside from business ventures, Patrick Bet-David is also well known for his philanthropic work around the world.

He has donated millions of dollars towards charities such as Feeding America and The Red Cross throughout his lifetime.

In 2018 he founded PHD Ventures with the mission to create jobs globally through entrepreneurship education initiatives across various countries including India and Nigeria.

This organization provides entrepreneurs with access to capital that enables them to pursue their dreams of turning their ideas into profitable enterprises.

Investment Strategies

Patrick Bet-David’s success can be attributed largely due to his savvy investment strategies which involve diversifying investments across multiple asset classes including stocks, bonds and commodities.

He also follows Warren Buffett’s “value investing” approach where one buys assets that are undervalued but have good long term potential for appreciation or income generation over time when held for extended periods .

This strategy has proven successful for many investors who apply it wisely including Patrick himself who continues managing multi million dollar portfolios today.


“The Valuetainment Show”

In addition to business activities , Patrick is also host of “The Valuetainment Show”, an online show focused on inspiring people live better lives financially both personally & professionally.


Through this platform which reaches hundreds thousands viewers each month , he shares valuable lessons about money management & leadership skills which enable others become self reliant individuals who can generate wealth independently.


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