What To Do With Old Broken Tablets: 5 Creative & Sustainable Ideas

  Are you looking for ways to repurpose old broken tablets? Look no further! Here are 5 creative and sustainable ideas to help you make the most out of that outdated tech. From turning it into a digital picture frame or using it as a planter, find out how you can get creative with your tablet today!

What Can You Do With Your Old broken tablets?



Do you have an old broken tablet that’s gathering dust in the corner of your home? You don’t need to throw it away or keep it cluttering up the place.

Whether you’ve just upgraded or are stuck with a device that no longer works, there are plenty of ways for you to repurpose and reuse those outdated tech pieces.

We’ve rounded up 5 creative and sustainable ideas so you can make the most out of your broken tablet today!


Create a Digital Picture Frame

An easy way to give new life to an old tablet is by turning it into a digital picture frame.

All you need is some creativity and a few simple supplies like wooden frames, paint, glue sticks, scissors – even twine if desired – and you’re good to go! With this project, all it takes is one swipe on the screen for friends and family members alike to enjoy memories in vivid colors without having them take up any physical space.


Use It As A Planter

If tinkering isn’t something that interests you but gardening does; why not turn your old tablet into something useful? Instead of throwing out unwanted devices, use them as planters instead! Just grab some soil (or sand) from outside along with colorful stones or pebbles then fill up the back-facing part with plants such as succulents or cacti – perfect for adding greenery indoors while keeping things low maintenance.

Not only will this save money on buying planters elsewhere but also help reduce waste too!


Recycle It Responsibly

Although creating something unique out of an obsolete gadget might sound fun; sometimes recycling responsibly can be even more rewarding knowing our devices won’t end up contributing towards global e-waste pollution.

There are many companies nowadays dedicated solely towards responsible recycling which makes disposing off gadgets much easier than before – plus they usually offer cashback when we do recycle too! So if none other options suit better then consider going down this route instead.


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Sell Your Tablet Parts Or Whole Device

When all else fails selling parts from our tablets could be another great option especially if we want quick cash fast! Sites like eBay allow us list used parts individually whether its battery packs , screens etc however always ensure pricing accuracy before selling each item otherwise buyers may become dissatisfied leading negative feedback being left behind making future sales harder.


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Donate To Charities For Those In Need Lastly donating unused electronics can often benefit those less fortunate who might not have access these kinds tools themselves due their financial limitations .

Many charities work hard collecting donations which go directly helping struggling communities gain access educational resources allowing children learn better whilst providing families necessary items grow sustainably thus making world better place everyone !

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