Nancy Cartwright Net Worth: How Much Is The Voice Of Bart Simpson Really Worth?

  Discover the net worth of Nancy Cartwright, the voice actor behind Bart Simpson and other iconic characters from The Simpsons. Find out how much she is really worth today!

Nancy Cartwright Net Worth in 2023


Nancy Cartwright Net Worth: How Much Is The Voice Of Bart Simpson Really Worth?

When it comes to iconic cartoon characters, few have reached the heights of fame achieved by Bart Simpson.

Since his debut in 1989 on ‘The Simpsons’, Bart has become an international sensation and symbol of rebellion for young people everywhere.

But what is not as widely known is that this beloved character was brought to life by Nancy Cartwright – a talented voice actor with a surprising financial background.

So how much is Nancy Cartwright really worth today? Let’s take a look!

Nancy Cartwright’s Early Career

Having grown up in Ohio, Nancy studied theatre at Ohio University before moving to Los Angeles where she started her career doing stand-up comedy and improvising with various troupes.

It wasn’t long before she caught the attention of Hollywood producers who were looking for someone with just the right vocal range to bring their newest creation – Bart Simpson – to life.

Cartright wasted no time getting into character and soon found herself voicing dozens of other famous animated characters including Chuckie Finster from ‘Rugrats’ and Rufus from ‘Kim Possible’.

And while these roles certainly helped boost her profile, it was her work on ‘The Simpsons’ that would eventually turn out be her most lucrative gig yet.

Nancy Cartwright’s Financial Success

Thanks to her role as one of the main cast members on ‘The Simpsons’, Nancy was able to reap some major financial rewards over the years; earning an estimated $400K per episode since 1998! This massive paycheck allowed her amass an impressive fortune over time; culminating in a net worth estimated at around $60 million dollars today!

In addition, thanks largely due to residuals payments made through syndication deals (which saw reruns air on multiple networks all over the world).

As such, even though she stopped actively playing the role back in 2017 – after almost 30 years – Nancy continues make money off ‘The Simpsons’ every single day!

Breaking Down Nancy Cartwrights Total Assets

So what does this mean when we break down exactly how much money goes into making up miss Cartoon’s total assets? Well according to reports from Forbes Magazine & Bloomberg Businessweek here are some quick facts about Miss Carter wealth portfolio:

• She owns real estate properties valued at more than $20 million.

• Her investments are said include stocks & bonds totaling upwards of $10 Million.

• A generous chunk of change – roughly 10% or so – went towards funding various charities & philanthropic causes close To Miss Caret Wright heart.

Altogether these figures add up give us pretty good idea just how wealthy Mrs cartoons actually is – especially when you consider that many other well-known celebrities don’t come close having near same amount capital under their belt !

From Voice Actor To Global Icon

It goes without saying that since first appearing thirty years ago ,Miss cartons portrayal bart simpson has gone become integral part pop culture history .

What began small experiment ended becoming global sensation which spawned movies games merchandise galore .

However despite achieving immense success television series itself , nothing quite matches sheer impact nancy cartoons iconic performance had throughout decades .

Thanks its wild popularity show remains relevant even today ; meaning fans will continue hear miss carets voice coming out TV speakers for many years come !

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