What Is Joey Diaz’s Net Worth? Uncovering The Comedian’s Financials

  Discover the net worth of comedian Joey Diaz. Learn about his career and financials, how he got into comedy, and what’s in store for the future.

Joey Diaz Net Worth in 2023



For decades, Joey Diaz has been a beloved comedian in the entertainment industry.

He’s made appearances on shows like The Joe Rogan Experience, Conan O’Brien and more recently, his own Netflix special “The Testicle Testaments”.

But just how much is the funnyman worth? In this blog post, we will explore Joey Diaz’s net worth and uncover some interesting details about his financials.

Joey Diaz’s Career

Before becoming a famous stand-up comic, Diaz was born Jose Antonio Díaz in Havana Cuba.

When he was three years old he immigrated to North Bergen, New Jersey where he would become known as “Joey Coco” or simply “Coco.

” After high school graduation in 1981 at age 19 he got into comedy and began performing regularly at clubs such as Catch A Rising Star and The Comic Strip Live in Manhattan.

Diaz quickly rose up through the ranks of comedians.

Over the years he became popular for his storytelling style which often included stories from his troubled past with drugs and mafia connections among other topics.

During this time he also appeared on various TV shows including Chappelle’s Show (2003), The Howard Stern Show (2005)and Last Comic Standing (2007).

In 2016 Diaz released his first stand-up special titled “The Testicle Tests”, which received critical acclaim from critics who praised its originality and raw energy.

How Much Is His Net Worth?

As of 2021 it is estimated that Joey Diaz has amassed a total net worth of $1 million dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth website.

This figure includes income earned through television appearances as well as film roles over the years but not any real estate holdings or other investments outside show business.

“The Church Of What’s Happening Now” Podcast

In addition to stand-up performances, acting gigs, television cameos etc.

, Joey also hosts one of most listened to podcasts today called “The Church Of What’s Happening Now.

” It features conversations between him along with celebrity guests such as Jamie Foxx , John Mulaney , Bill Burr , Louis CK etc .

On average each episode gets around 10 – 12 million downloads every month making it one of highest downloaded podcasts worldwide .

As far as earnings go each podcast episode earns an estimated $20k per episode resulting in decent amount money being added into overall fortune .

What ‘ s Next For Joey ?

Moving forward , there are no signs stopping when it comes work ethic .

Aside from continuing tour dates throughout year while working on upcoming projects such live performance DVDs & CDs plus developing new ideas for possible tv shows & movies down line .

Also fans can look out for upcoming season two premiere date Church What’ s Happening Now podcast scheduled release sometime early 2022 !

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