How To Recycle Or Reuse Your Old Smashed iPhone: The Complete Guide

  Are you wondering what to do with your old, smashed iPhone? Look no further! This complete guide will show you how to easily recycle or reuse your device. Learn the best methods for reducing e-waste and keeping our environment clean.

What Can You Do With Your Old smashed iphone?



Getting a new phone can be exciting, but what do you do with your old one? If it’s broken or smashed, the thought of disposing of it in landfill is unappealing.

Fortunately, there are ways to recycle or reuse your old iPhone responsibly – without damaging the environment.

In this guide, we’ll look at all the sustainable options available so that you can make sure your device doesn’t end up needlessly wasting away in a landfill.

Send It For Recycling

The simplest and most responsible way to dispose of an old iPhone is by sending it for recycling.

Many companies offer free collection services for devices like mobile phones.

Alternatively, you could take it to a nearby recycling center yourself if there isn’t one near you that offers collections.

The process for recycling phones is fairly straightforward and any parts which aren’t able to be reused will get recycled.

Sell Your Phone To A Recycling Company

If you want to go down the more profitable route when getting rid of an old phone then selling it is probably the best option.

You should be aware though that some companies may not accept broken iPhones due to their inability to refurbish them efficiently enough before reselling them on again; however there are businesses out-there dedicated specifically towards buying these types of devices regardless of condition for spare parts etc… This approach allows users who don’t wish (or have time) to wait around for sales/trade-ins through third party outlets such as eBay or Craigslist to still make money from their used device.

Give It Away Or Donate It To Charity

Another great way to put your unwanted smartphone back into circulation is by giving it away or donating it directly someone else who might benefit from having access too technology they otherwise wouldn’t have been able too acquire themselves – especially those less fortunate than ourselves who struggle day-to-day living cost even before factoring in luxuries such as smartphones! Organizations such as Cell Phones For Soldiers & Freecycle both accept donations direct via post (in some cases).

Although bear in mind that many charities won’t accept damaged items due primarily too safety reasons/liability issues etc…


Turn It Into An Art Project

                                                                                                         Finally something slightly offbeat but certainly worth mentioning – turning an unused/broken iPhone into art! This can range from anything from painting directly onto its case right through too attaching various components together along with other ‘bits n bobs’ found around our homes creating sculptures & more abstract pieces alike – perfect if interior decorating/design interests you!

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