What To Do With An Old Cracked Iphone: 4 Creative Ideas You Can Try!

  Need ideas to upcycle your cracked iPhone? Look no further, here are 4 creative ways you can use an old iPhone. Whether it’s for decoration, a DIY project, or something else entirely – find the perfect idea for your damaged device!

What Can You Do With Your Old cracked iphone?


What To Do With An Old Cracked Iphone: 4 Creative Ideas You Can Try!

Introduction: As technology continues to evolve, so do the trends and needs of consumers.

But what happens when your device is no longer up-to-date, or becomes too damaged for use? Don’t worry – there are still plenty of creative ways you can utilize an old cracked iPhone in order to give it a new purpose.

Whether you’re looking for something decorative, or just want to make the best out of a tough situation – here are four ideas that could help you upcycle your broken phone into something useful!

Use Your Old Phone as Home Decor

Do you have an old iPhone lying around but don’t know what to do with it? Why not turn it into a unique home decor item instead? There’s nothing wrong with embracing the nostalgia associated with older devices and having fun with it by turning them into conversation pieces.

For example, if you have an old iPod Classic laying around why not hang it on the wall as part of your gallery wall display? Or perhaps take apart a few iPhones and use them as table sculptures or lamps! The possibilities are endless.

Repurpose It Into Artwork

For those who enjoy repurposing items into artworks should definitely consider using their old iPhones too.

Although these devices may appear outdated compared to newer ones – they still contain many parts that can be used in creative projects such as sculpture making or recycled jewelry designs.

By taking apart several phones and combining some components together – one could end up creating an interesting piece of artwork that will sure catch attention wherever displayed.

Turn It Into A Projector

Are you looking for another way to re-use your broken phone? Why not turn it into a projector!? All this requires is downloading free software from sources like LifeHacker onto any computer which then allows users to project images from their device on any flat surface (like walls).

This makes projecting movies much easier than ever before – all while giving yourself more control over how everything looks depending on where its projected from.

Sell Its Parts On Online Platforms Finally, one other great way people can benefit off their broken phones is by selling them online through popular platforms like eBay or Amazon – even though they won’t likely fetch much money due its damage state there might be someone out there willing to buy certain parts off them at least like headphones jacks etc… As long its components are functioning properly then this method might just be worth considering if all else fails.

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