What To Do With Old Broken Mobile Phones: Creative Ideas You Need To Know

  Do you have old broken mobile phones that are collecting dust? Learn how to turn them into useful, creative items with these easy DIY ideas! From jewelry holders to smartphone speakers, let us show you the best ways to recycle and repurpose your old devices.

What Can You Do With Your Old broken mobile phones?


Recycle It

Do you have a broken phone lying around your house? There are so many creative ideas for what to do with old, broken mobile phones.

One of the most obvious and beneficial options is to recycle it.

Mobile phones contain hazardous materials that can be extremely harmful if not disposed of correctly.

When you choose to recycle your phone, these materials can be safely taken apart and recycled responsibly.

The best part about recycling your old phone is that there are usually incentives available! Many companies offer rewards or discounts when you decide to hand over an outdated device for recycling purposes.

This way, both the environment and your wallet benefit from this choice!

Donate It

If recycling isn’t an option for you, consider donating it instead! Donating a mobile phone allows someone else in need access to one who may not have been able to afford one otherwise.

You could donate it directly by searching online for organizations near you that accept donations or selling it at a discounted price on sites such as eBay.

Donating your phone also has another positive effect – many charities will use the money they receive from donated devices towards their cause which helps them immensely in achieving their goals.

Re-purpose It

For all those crafty types out there looking for something fun and creative with their broken phones – re-purposing is always an excellent choice! You can turn any spare parts into interesting art pieces such as sculptures or jewelry like earrings or necklaces using tools like pliers and wire cutters.

Not only does re-purposing help keep items out of landfills but it also gives new life to something that was otherwise considered useless – giving it more meaning than just being thrown away into oblivion! It’s also great way of expressing yourself creatively while helping our environment at the same time!

Upcycle It

For those techies among us who don’t want their old phones going completely unused – upcycling may be the perfect solution! Upcycling involves taking apart old electronics components and making something entirely new out of them– think smart home gadgets like security cameras or even robots made from circuits inside discarded cellphones.


The possibilities here are endless – depending on what kind of skillset you possess (or want!), upcycling could mean anything from creating custom lamps powered by USB ports built into retired handsets, designing intricate clockwork mechanisms housed within defunct cases…the list goes on!

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