Paris Jackson’s Net Worth: How The Star Built Her Empire

  Follow the journey of Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, as she builds her own empire and learns what it takes to become a successful businessperson. Learn about Paris’ net worth and how she’s made her mark in the entertainment industry.

Paris Jackson Net Worth in 2023


Paris Jackson’s Net Worth: How The Star Built Her Empire

Introduction Since the death of her legendary father, Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson has been on a mission to make her own mark in the entertainment industry.

With an empire that is rapidly growing and expanding, it’s no wonder why people are curious about Paris’ net worth.

In this post, we take a look at how Paris has built up her fortune and what she does with it.

Her Early Years

At just 11 years old, Paris was thrust into the spotlight following her famous father’s passing in 2009.

Despite having such a difficult start to life, she managed to remain focused on finding success for herself and building an extraordinary career for herself.

It wasn’t long until she began making waves in Hollywood as an actress and model—she even signed with IMG Models back in 2017! However, before any of that could happen—and certainly before being able to rake up all those millions—Paris had already started setting aside money from small acting gigs as early as 2013 when she appeared on “90210”.

Making Her Fortune

With several high-profile modelling contracts under her belt (including Calvin Klein), there was no denying that Paris had made quite the name for herself by 2016; but where did all these riches come from? Well.



in addition to modelling contracts and TV appearances so far mentioned previously; music videos (which you can check out here) have also contributed significantly towards increasing her total assets.

To add further credibility to this point: She even joined forces with world-renowned producer Mark Ronson last year — which led to one of 2019’s biggest hits – “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”.

But perhaps more importantly than anything else – given that talent runs deep through each generation within the family – Michael Jackson left behind a rather impressive estate (valued at $400 million) which was split among his children shortly after his death.

What Does She Do With All That Money?

Nowadays , most of us would be thinking about buying ourselves something extravagant or going off travelling around the world ; however , not only does Paris show immense appreciation for all the opportunities bestowed upon her , but also actively uses them .

For instance : In 2018 alone , she invested some of her earnings into creating ‘The Lucky Cloud Ranch’ – an animal rescue sanctuary based near Los Angeles .

Furthermore ; since becoming one of fashion ‘ s hottest stars over recent years – often featuring alongside other big names like Cara Delevingne & Kendall Jenner during major shows – many believe it is only right that Ms .

Jackson should use part of those resources towards charity work too ! What better way could you possibly think off ?

Wrapping Up

Whether its philanthropy or simply investing wisely into various business ventures – there is clearly no stopping Miss Jackson anytime soon ! From starring roles inside blockbuster movies such as Gringo & The Space Between Us ;to appearing alongside heavyweight musicians like Mark Ronson & Justin Bieber during live performances .



it comes as little surprise then why today we can estimate Paris ‘ s net worth stands somewhere around $100 million !

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