Uncovering Nadeshot’s Net Worth: The Rise Of A Gaming Legend

  Get an inside look at the amazing success story of Nadeshot, one of the best Call of Duty players in history. Learn about his rise to fame and uncover his estimated net worth to find out what makes this gaming legend so successful.

Nadeshot Net Worth in 2023


Uncovering Nadeshot’s Net Worth: The Rise Of A Gaming Legend

Matthew Haag, better known as his gaming alias “Nadeshot” is one of the most iconic figures in professional video game history.

He was widely regarded as one of the best players in Call of Duty during his prime and he has since become a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, leveraging his fame to build an impressive estate and fortune.

Let’s take a closer look at Nadeshot’s rise from being a competitive gamer to becoming a global phenomenon, and uncover what makes him so successful.

From Gamer To Star

When it comes to success stories within the world of competitive gaming, few are more remarkable than that of Matthew Haag – or ‘Nadeshot’ as he is more commonly known among millions across the globe.

After achieving great success with OpTic Gaming back in 2011-2012, which included winning two championship titles within two years; Nade began carving out an identity for himself outside of just being a Call of Duty player.

He went on to create 100 Thieves – an apparel company based in Los Angeles – which quickly became popular amongst gamers all over the world due its unique designs and exclusive products.

This further bolstered Nade’s brand recognition beyond just being an eSport athlete and allowed him to establish himself among some other well recognized names within streetwear fashion circles.

Estimating His Total Assets

Today it goes without saying that Matthew Haag (aka “Nadeshot”) has made quite possibly one of the biggest successes out any former eSports competitors ever seen before – with estimates putting his net worth somewhere between 8-12 million dollars depending on various sources.


In addition to this amount we have also taken into consideration factors such as sponsorship deals & earnings from promotional activities alongside investments into other ventures like real estate & stock market trading that could potentially add another 1-3 million onto this total figure; making it even more likely that Nade is sitting comfortably atop quite significant financial empire right now.

Brand Endorsements And Sponsorship Deals

In recent years , sponsorships have been major factor contributing towards overall wealth those who are involved professional field sporting events .

When you consider how much exposure can be gained by having your name associated with high profile event or team then really no surprise why so many companies willing invest their money capitalizing these opportunities .

It seems same case here when talking about Matthew ‘ s lucrative career – not only did he receive substantial amounts investment cash via sponsorships but also managed use them make even further increase popularity through endorsement deals TV appearances product collaborations etc .


All put together certainly helped skyrocketed already established public image creating legacy will surely stand test time well into future too !

Philanthropy And Community Engagement

As part life after esports , many individuals become involved charitable giving support causes they feel passionate about – something which certainly true case when looking Matthew ‘ s current endeavors .

Aside from actively supporting numerous organizations throughout United States including charities focused homelessness poverty education animal welfare healthcare etc .

; also started initiative called ” NAF Gives Back” where donates large portion proceeds directly people need assistance around country each year .

Not only does serve purpose helping those less fortunate but way help spread positive message inspiring others get involved similar initiatives themselves ultimately leading bigger impact global scale

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