What Is Mr. Bean’s Net Worth? An Inside Look At The Comedic Genius’ Fortune

  Discover the net worth of iconic comedic actor Mr. Bean! Learn more about his extensive career, including how he built up his fortune and what he is doing now.

Mr Bean Net Worth in 2023


What Is Mr.

Bean’s Net Worth?

An eccentric character beloved by millions, the iconic British comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson, known to us all as Mr.

Bean, has been entertaining audiences for over 30 years with his endearing wit and unique physical comedy style.

But what is his net worth? Let’s take an inside look at this comedic genius’ fortune.


Bean: An Iconic Comedic Actor

Rowan Atkinson first rose to fame in 1989 when he starred in the BBC’s “Bean” sitcom playing the titular character, who has become one of Britain’s most recognizable figures internationally.

He has since appeared in several films such as Johnny English (2003) and its sequels, Love Actually (2003), Keeping Mum (2005) and more recently Minions (2015).

His career spans across television shows like Blackadder, Not The Nine O’Clock News and Saturday Live! as well as a number of stage productions including ‘Oliver!’in London’s West End where he played Fagin – a role that earned him an Olivier Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical.

How Much Is Mr.

Bean Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth estimates from 2020, it is believed that Rowan Atkinson is worth $130 million dollars before taxes thanks to his extensive career success throughout the decades.

He earned approximately $20 million from 2003-2005 alone due to starring roles in movies such as Love Actually alongside Keira Knightly and Hugh Grant which grossed around $246 million world wide according to Box Office Mojo; not bad for just two years work! Moreover, he collected some nice paychecks from voicing characters on Disney Pixar animations such as Cars 2 onward.

His Estate And Other Assets


In addition to movie salaries over recent years , we can assume much of his wealth comes from investments made over time into real estate properties – including mansions near Oxfordshire – along with stock market portfolios .

He also owns numerous cars including classic Aston Martin V8 Vantages , Lamborghinis , Ferraris & Rolls Royce Phantoms .

In 2017 it was reported that he owned six cars valued at around £10m combined !

It appears that Rowan loves taking care of himself too , splurging on occasional vacations plus art collections estimated at around £60m alone showcasing works by renowned artists like David Hockney & Lucian Freud among others .

Where Is Mr.

Bean Now ?


At age 62 , Rowan still continues performing today having appeared twice during 2019 – once on French TV show Dropped – La Course Autour Du Monde where contestants had spoof reenactments of famous scenes from past projects ; then again later appearing onstage during Michael McIntyre’s Big Show Christmas special sketch performance .

We can expect lots more great things ahead !

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