What Is Linus Tech Tips’ Net Worth? Here’s What We Know…

  Find out the estimated net worth of Linus Tech Tips, one of the most popular tech-focused YouTube channels in the world. Learn how they make money and what their financial success tells us about the future of content creation.

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth in 2023


What Is Linus Tech Tips’ Net Worth? Here’s What We Know.



Linus Tech Tips is one of the most successful YouTube channels in the tech world, with millions of views and subscribers.

But what does their incredible success mean for their net worth? How have they managed to monetize such an expansive fanbase? Let’s take a look at what we know about this channel’s fortune.

Their Fortune: A Breakdown

Estimating the exact amount of money that goes through Linus Tech Tips isn’t easy, but it’s safe to say that their total assets are quite sizable.

According to Forbes’ estimates, which were based on information from industry sources like Social Blade and Captiv8, Linus Tech Tips had earned around $14 million in 2019 alone.

It’s also estimated that they make between $400-$600 thousand per month from ad revenue alone.

This doesn’t include any potential merchandise sales or sponsorships – two other major sources of income for them.

It’s likely that these additional streams add significantly to their bottom line.

How They Make Money

Linus Sebastian and his team make money by producing sponsored content and selling products related to tech gear .

YouTube ads provide a steady stream of income , as do affiliate links within videos .

Their partnership with Logitech G has been especially lucrative – though it’s unclear exactly how much money comes out of this deal each year .

. . The team also makes various tutorials about different hardware pieces , making use of both Amazon Affiliate links as well as direct product promotions .

All told , this approach allows them to generate several streams simultaneously , adding up quickly over time .

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The Future Of Content Creation

As one might expect , Linus Tech Tips ‘ success has been inspiring many others who want to break into content creation themselves.

After all, if someone can become so wildly popular without ever having any formal training or education then surely everyone else can too! While there is some truth in this thinking (creativity will always be valued more than credentials), there needs to be more discussion about the hard work required for consistent growth – something which very few people talk about when discussing Youtubers like LTT.


From its humble beginnings back in 2008, Linus Sebastian had grown his channel into one of the most recognizable names in tech today – something which is made even more impressive considering how large his fanbase has grown over time.

With multiple streams providing regular income every month plus occasional one-off deals here and there, it’s no wonder why people consider him an inspiration.


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