Find Out How Rich Hank Azaria Really Is: Unpacking The Net Worth Of This Multi-Talented Star

  Discover the impressive net worth of Hank Azaria, actor, comedian and producer best known for his voice acting roles on The Simpsons. Find out how he earned his wealth and what projects he is currently involved in.

Hank Azaria Net Worth in 2023



Hank Azaria is an iconic figure in the entertainment industry.

He’s best known for his unforgettable voice-acting work on The Simpsons, but this multi-talented star has also made a name for himself as an actor, producer and comedian.

But how much money does Hank Azaria have? Read on to find out!

Early Career

Before hitting it big on The Simpsons, Hank was already making waves in the comedy world.

In 1988 he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live and went on to appear in several popular films such as Quiz Show (1994) and Mystery Men (1999).

He also starred alongside Brad Pitt in 2001’s Along Came Polly.

During this time, he started raking up some serious cash from all these ventures.

Voice Acting On The Simpsons

In 1989, when The Simpsons first aired on Fox TV, no one could have predicted its wild success – least of all Hank Azaria who provided many of its most beloved characters with their voices: Chief Wiggum; Apu Nahasapeemapetilon; Comic Book Guy; Moe Szyslak; Carl Carlson; Professor Frink etc.

, just to name a few.

Over three decades later and the show is still going strong – which means that over those years Hank has been able to add significantly more zeros onto his net worth thanks to residual payments from reruns.

Other Ventures And Endorsements

Aside from being a long-time mainstay at Springfield Elementary School – erm… Sorry! We meant in Hollywood – Hank has kept busy by voicing characters in other animated series such as Family Guy and BoJack Horseman.

He’s even appeared as himself or featured heavily behind-the-scenes producing shows like Brockmire (2017–present) which earned him yet another Emmy nomination.

Add endorsement deals into the mix too – including campaigns for KFC back in 2016 —and you can see why Mr Azaria is doing so well financially.

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