G Herbo’s Staggering Net Worth: How The Rapper Made His Fortune

  G Herbo is one of the most successful rappers in the industry and his net worth reflects it. Discover how this multi-platinum artist has made an impressive fortune through his music, business ventures and more.

G Herbo Net Worth in 2023



G Herbo, born as Herbert Randall Wright III, is a multi-platinum rap artist that has made waves in the hip-hop industry.

His albums and mixtapes have brought him success from fans and critics alike and his net worth reflects it.


From his music career to other business ventures, G Herbo has amassed an impressive fortune estimated at over $5 million dollars.

Early Career

G Herbo’s career began when he started rapping at the tender age of seven.

He released several mixtapes before signing with Machine Entertainment Group (MEG) in 2014.

Later on that year he signed with Cinematic Music Group which catapulted him into mainstream fame.

The following year saw even more successes for G Herbo as he released two successful albums “Welcome To Fazoland” & “Ballin Like I’m Kobe” both of which were well received by fans and critics alike.

Since then, G Herbo has become one of the most respected rappers in the game known for his hard hitting lyrics about life growing up in Chicago.

Business Ventures

Apart from making music, G Herbo also makes money through various business ventures such as investments into real estate, clothing lines and sports betting websites.

In addition to this G Herbo also owns multiple businesses including a recording studio located in Los Angeles called The Plug Studios LLC where artists are able to record their own music without having to pay expensive studio fees.


Total Assets

When it comes down to total assets owned by G Herbos its estimated that hes worth around 5 million dollars due mostly because of investments made into real estate but also large amounts invested into stocks and bonds as well as some cryptocurrency holdings too.


Alongside these investments g herbos car collection consists mostly exotic cars like Lamborghini’s Ferrari’s Bently’s etc all valued together at around 1 million dollars adding on top of those figures there are othe luxury items such watches jewelry art pieces furniture etc plus royalties earned from songs produced over the years bringing upwards towards 5 million dollar mark being g herbos current networth.


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